Schrader Banjo & Kaiser are industry leaders within the leisure, hospitality sector, we provide comprehensive branding, marketing and analytic services in Scotland.


With 10 years worth of grounded experience, we provide a niche sector market analysis and framework to project your brand within this fast growing sector of Scotland.


With a wide range of products and services to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for with us.


For a quick chat, send us an email or give us a call on 0141 261 9884

Design & Branding Consultancy

We believe in the power of branding to transform your business. We take exceptional care to understand your market, gather useful analytics, appareciate your vision and merge them to what we call The Principal.


Branding is within our core strenght and we are very proud to be in partnership with some of Scotland's leading brands.


We'll sit down and discuss your project requirements. Once we establish we are the right fit for you, the process begins. With our style of marketing, we aim to improve the clients journey through functional process & phases you can keep up-to-speed with from your office or home.We don't only visualise your ideas, we immerse our selves into it each day to improve your sales


With over 10 years in the hospitality industry in Scotland, SBK is a first point of contact for Medium sized hospitality groups wishing to make an impact within the market share in Scotland. We are here to listen and provide emphrical evidence to back up our advice 


We are a small enthusiastic, knowledgable analytics team and we love primary research whilst making use of cutting edge analytical tools in producing detailed perspectives for our clients

Latest News

Gout De Diamants Champagne

When we received the call from representatives of one of the world's premium champagne houses, we honestly thought they had the wrong number. It has been a continued pleasure to work these many months with Mr. Heidreich and Mo. Gout De Diamants now has a presence in most high end restuarants and hotels in Scotland.

82 years of Traditions

The prestigous Kate Kennedy Club of The University of St Andrews went through major restructuring when it was instructed to break a 82 year tradition and admit female members, a step in the right direction. We received and accepted instructions for a comprehensive 3 year media & rebranding campaign to support both it's overall image and it's relationship with their sponsors. 

Keller Club - Tur

We've been synonmous with the top late-night venues in Scotland, however, when Keller Club, Queen Street approcahed us for a complete rebranding package, we knew we had our task cut out. (Prince) Tur is now one of Glasgow's formidable Electronic Music venue. Pay them a visit at some point


The Roosevelt Hundred

Scotland's first American Political Bar opens in 2019. We are pleased to have worked in colloboration with Red Media to fulfill this project for G1 Group. Keep your eyes peeled.


The client is constantly in the loop, we are learning along the way. 

A Unique & Memorable Experience

Incremental improvements are constantly being recommended and implemented to improve performance.


We offer three packages, The Schrader, The Banjo & The Kaiser each of which can be tailored to your specific needs. In some cases, we will create a bespoke package to accomodate smaller or larger requirements


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